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Cta Man

Food and Drink

Our region is renowned as Scotland's outstanding natural larder.

Food and drink in our region

Food and drink businesses from the region produce a wide range of high-quality products, which have a strong competitive advantage associated to place, people and provenance.

Today the food and drink industry in Scotland is worth £16bn and is the third largest employer in Scotland, employing 129,000 people across agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, and manufacturing.

In June 2023 a new ten year strategy, ‘Sustaining Scotland. Supplying the World.’ was launched by the Scotland Food and Drink Partnership with the ambition of making Scotland the best place in the world to own, operate, and work for a food and drink business.


Scotland Food and Drink is the industry leadership organisation nurture, support and champion the people and products of Scotland’s food and drink industry to help deliver continued and growing success and enhance Scotland’s global reputation. 

Scotland Food and Drink is a membership organisation with over 450 members and they lead the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership.

Scotland's Food and Drink sector

Published on 28/06/2023


employed in the sector


value of Scottish Food and Drink exports


in industry turnover (2022)


sector growth over last 10 years


Net Zero Commitment

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership has developed the food and drink industry’s Net Zero Commitment to unite industry efforts and steer its journey to a net zero future.

The Net Zero Commitment consists of five long-term commitments, underpinned by a programme of targeted interventions, to help Scotland’s food and drink sector meet net zero targets by addressing the challenges and opportunities that a just transition to a net zero sector offers producers, manufacturers and those involved throughout the food and drink supply chain.

By working together we will be able to tackle our most pressing shared challenges, deliver the Scottish Government’s 2045 net zero target, and help businesses stay on the front foot commercially.

Download the Net Zero Commitment here.


Supporting food and drink businesses to innovate and grow

Innovation is important to Scotland’s economy. Innovation in farming, fishing, food and drink is vital to empower Scotland’s food and drink businesses to respond to today’s consumer and market needs and to adapt to future challenges and opportunities.

Research shows that when a company innovates, they are twice as likely to grow and three times more likely to export successfully. Many companies are already making good use of the world-class research base on their doorstep.

Find out more here


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