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Cta Man

Tune into Tourism


Speak Scotland

30 May 2019

Episode 1 - the value of our native language

In our first Speak Scotland episode we’re talking about the value of our native languages in attracting, engaging with, and providing a unique experience for visitors. We discuss how we can give visitors what they want – an opportunity to better understand the people and culture and an authentic experience which makes the most of our sense of place and history - with lots of ideas for how you can introduce some of the language into your business to help you stand out in an increasingly global marketplace.

20 June 2019

Episode 2 - using indigenous languages

Our second Speak Scotland webinar explores how indigenous languages can be used to entice visitors and their experience whilst staying with you.

18 October 2022

Episode 3 - an international perspective

The final Speak Scotland webinar focuses on the visitor and getting an international perspective on how the use of our native languages can help win customers and create long-lasting relationships that keep them coming back to Scotland. Whether that’s Scots, a Scots dialect like Doric or Shetland, or Gaelic, we'll get the benefit of our guests in-depth understanding of the unique cultural expectations of different customers around the globe.

Introducing Gaelic and Scots dialect into your business

Our Tune into Tourism Speak Scotland series focuses on how you can introduce Gaelic and Scots dialect into your tourism business in an authentic and distinctive way. This three-part series includes knowledge and insights from industry experts and businesses who are already using language as part of their visitor’s experience. 


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